Oral health is an important part of your cat’s well being. Studies show that 70 percent of cats over three years of age suffer from some form of dental disease. Dental conditions include: periodontal disease, resorptive lesions, stomatitis fractured teeth and oral tumors. These conditions can significantly impact your cat’s quality of health.

The most effective way to protect your cat from dental disease is through professional cleanings. We perform professional cleanings here at Kitten to Cat Hospital. Dental cleanings require general anesthesia. Before we schedule a dental cleaning, we will perform a physical exam and run blood work to ensure your cat is safe for anesthesia.

During dental cleanings, we perform full-mouth x-rays on your cat’s teeth. We believe that this is important because two-thirds of the cat’s tooth is located under the gum line and cannot be visualized without a dental x-ray.

We thoroughly clean your cat’s teeth using an ultrasonic scaler and high speed polisher. Your cat receives a complete oral exam. If any teeth are abnormal, we provide you with treatment options. Once you approve of the treatment plan, the doctor may then perform any necessary surgery such as tooth extraction, biopsy of tissues, or removal of growths, antibiotic and or pain medication.

Your cat will be ready to go home toward the end of the day after her/his dental cleaning.