We are proud to have state of the art surgical capabilities. Our surgical suite is equipped with cutting edge technology including a CO2 laser. Laser surgery allows us to perform some surgeries with minimal bleeding, less pain and faster recovery time. and we provide a broad range of surgical procedures. Some of our surgical procedures include: neuter, spay, tumor removal, general abdominal surgery (exploratory surgery, urinary bladder surgery, foreign body removal, intestinal biopsies, tumor removal, and others) and oral surgery.

After performing a complete physical examination and lab work and reviewing your cat’s medical state, we will discuss treatment options and put together a plan that suits the needs of both you and your cat.

Each cat is treated as an individual and the anesthesia protocol is tailored to fit your cat’s needs. We use a balanced protocol that includes sedation, pain medication, and an inhaled gas. To support your cat’s cardiovascular system and kidney health, your cat will be administered intravenous fluids during the entire procedure and will be continuously monitored by a veterinary nurse. The veterinary nurse will monitor the function of your cat’s heart, oxygenation, and blood pressure.

After anesthesia, your cat is closely monitored until he/she is awake and able to lift her head. When your cat is comfortable, stable and has eaten, we will send him/her home.